01 December 2016

Conversation 1

Thursday - 1st December 2016

One rainy day. As usual, as I walked to the class I would find cats to talk to. I sat on chair with a cat, talked to her and after some times the cat walked away from me and went to an Indian uncle on the right side of me but not too near, not too far. I could see his face. Then he started to walk. He must cross me. Then the cat followed him. I nodded to him and smiled and I said

" kucing tu nak ikut uncle"
" biasa bagi dia makan tapi petang"

Then our conversation started with cat's stuff and continued with more interesting topics. I thought I was talking to him for like 45 minutes. Yes we talked about where do we live. He talked about his wife, children and his siblings. He talked about jobs he has done when he was a young man. What an interesting story. He is a 65 year old man. I couldn't believe that because he looks so fit and healthy. The secret is he does not consume alcohol and smoking. Yes he said "itu benda tak bagus untuk badan kita" . No wonder lah kan.

He is the youngest among his siblings. Yes forgot to mention, his name is Guna. Tu pun tanya masa dah nak masuk kelas. Tu pun dia tanya dulu. Haha, "Adik apa nama" "Hanis" " Ooo senang ingat, nama kawan saya Ani" heheheh . Uncle Guna ye nama dia. When he was young, he was a lorry driver in Singapore. He worked there for about 6 years. And I asked, " masa tu uncle belum kawin la kan?" "Sudah kahwin, anak 1" then I was so excited to know the other jobs he has done. He also asked about my parents and siblings. Then came to this question, "Adik dalam hati ada kawan tak?" then I was thinking what kind of question is this. I thought he was saying that I want to be his friend. I said "Bolehla uncle kite kawan" . Then he laughed " Bukan la adik, dalam hati ada sayang siapa-siapa tak?" haha aduh uncle. LOL of course jawab takde LOL. Then he said "sekarang takpayah ada, mengaji dulu baik-baik, nanti kerja Singapore banyak baik. Nanti nak kahwin boleh cari sendiri ka mak pak cari ka." Thank you uncle for the words. It was excatly like what my mom told me. EH. Kan bu? hahaha

Then I looked at the watch. It's 8:30. I was supposed to read book as I had quiz for that class. Hahaha but it's okay. It was a fascinating conversation with Uncle Guna. Thank you for the advices and interesting experiences you've shared with me. Going to see you next time uncle.